Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Scooter's surgery

Scooter had her surgery today to remove the remaining bit of arm bone and close up the cavity. That meant two visits to the vet and plenty of worrying in between. Meanwhile, I was supposed to get a bike ride in as well as a run (if I really am intending to do those Xterra's in June) and I really needed to spend 30 minutes with the yoga DVD. Then, there were the usual activities: work, Fido, dinners, litter box, etc.

The good news is Scooter is doing well, but has a huge, stapled wound that runs practically the length of her body. I'll keep her well medicated for the next couple days.

I also scored some homegrown summer squash for $1/lb. from a house I passed by on my bike ride.

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