Monday, November 15, 2010

Racing in Memphis

Steve and I got up VERY early on Sunday morning to race the Outdoors Inc Cyclocross Championship race in Memphis along with the rest of the Little Rock CX crew. Steve built me a set a of wheels for this season and I really wanted to see how they worked.  (The same week he finished them, he broke his collar bone and I haven't had a chance to give them a proper workout, until yesterday.)  The wheels worked great, by the way! 

The course, located at Greenbelt Park along the Mississippi River, had some really cool features including some tricky off-camber turns, stairs, a barrier run-up and plenty of ups and downs.  Not to mention, the competition was tough. 

Ryan working a steep hill with Noah, in the background, on an off-camber section.

Noah on the stairs.

Noah shows his skills over the barriers.

Ryan looked smooth over the cottonwood logs.

I don't remember how many women started the race, but they were fast.  Long story short, I was sitting in 2nd place during the second lap, when the first place rider dropped her chain.  Then I maintained 1st place until the last lap or second to last lap when a totally different rider came out of nowhere and passed me on a flat like I was standing still.  I managed a respectable 2nd place and got some cool swag including cash and a cute swiftwick hat!  (I think it was the wheels.)

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