Friday, June 11, 2010

Scooter Update

Wednesday, Scooter had the staples removed from her amputation surgery. Our neighbor found her at the warehouse where he works and brought her to our house thinking we would take her in. She was surprisingly healthy for a stray despite an open wound where she lost her front right leg. The vet suggested amputation surgery to remove the remaining bit of leg attached to her shoulder and close up the wound.

The surgery was successful and she recovered quickly. By day 2, it was hard to "keep her quiet" as the take-home instructions from the vet suggested. This 51 sec. video of her playing around was taken the day before the staples came out.

We weren't looking for another pet. Goodness knows we already had plenty with Sadie, JD and Fido. But, adding her to the brood was easy peasy. She has a good nature and no one seems to mind her playfulness. They might even like it.

JD and Scooter.

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  1. That's a good crew of animals you have there!