Thursday, July 15, 2010

A new use for an old bike

This is Fido's new ride. The trailer probably weighs 35 lbs. Fido is 75 lbs. and this bike has only 1 speed. We'll be moving slow, but we'll be moving - IF, while it is moving, I can get Fido to sit still. (I got him to sit in the trailer for about a second this morning.) Baby steps.


  1. I managed to get Fido to sit and stay in the trailer this morning. He jumped out pretty quick when I tried to move it. Still, we are making progress.

  2. how cool! You will get a great workout for sure. Just don't show up to a group ride with one of those things (like some women in Birmingham!!)

  3. So, I zipped up the top and locked him in this morning. Then, I took a turn in the backyard too tight with Fido putting his weight into the turn and we rolled it. Fido seemed fine with it, so we'll try again tomorrow with less turning.