Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer stinks...

...but the produce is excellent.


It is so humid and hot this year. Upper 90's and humid is the forecast from now till, hopefully, September. It has been this way since the end of May. (Sure, we got lucky for Steve's party last week with a temperature of 86, but still.)

It's not a wonder that my weight goes up in the summer, since all I want to do is sit in the house, eat and drink icy beers. I have to force myself to get on a bike. (I did manage two short bike rides this weekend that I'm proud of.)

As for eating, that's going well. Especially since I was turned on to the Little Rock Local Food Club by Sarah at the Chainwheel. In So Cal, I could get to a farmer's market any day of the week, any time of the year. In Little Rock (and Birmingham, for that matter), it's Saturday morning. Between Fido, recovering from icy, Friday night beers and a bike ride, I never make it.

Now, I do my produce shopping (online) during the week with local farmers and pick it up on weekend. Mmmmm, tomatoes, blueberries, summer squash, butter beans and lemon cucumbers.

Raw Blueberry Tart

Italian Bread Pizza Margherita


  1. Same here - it is hard to be motivated to ride when it's this hot and humid outside. Your culinary creations look excellent.

  2. I'm usually not so grumpy during the summer, but June was especially hot this year.