Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hey horn worm, quit munching my leaves

I was a little disappointed when I found out that horn worms are only the 7th most troubling pest according to Mother Earth News.  (Thanks to my friend Dawn, a more experienced gardener, for sending me the link.)  I hate seeing the leaves and blossoms of a perfectly pretty plant vanish over night.  What, there's something worse I have to look forward to? 

Until yesterday, I had not actually seen one on the plants, only their damage.  The wasps had seen them, snatched the little ones off a stem and flew away.  My neighbor, Lorraine, also saw one and, with disgust, shared a story from her childhood.  It was her job along with her brother to pick the horn worms off the tomatoes in their parent's garden and get rid of them.  

Then, this guy revealed himself to me.  He was way up high and in the process of eliminating.  So, I plucked him off and, well, got rid of him.

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