Monday, October 4, 2010

International Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day

Pinnacle Mountain State Park Visitor Center Parking Lot
Saturday morning, I attended the grand opening of two new mountain bike trails (Rabbit Ridge and Jackfork) at Pinnacle Mountain State Park held in conjunction with IMBA International Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day.  Rabbit Ridge is a 0.7-mile loop for beginners.  Jackfork is a 7.4-mile loop that is definitely not for beginners.  I missed the actual ribbon cutting ceremony, but made it out in time to start the inaugural ride of Jackfork.  The trail is tough with technical rocky sections and plenty of climbing.  I was glad to have a small chain ring to go to by the end of the loop.  As with any new trail there were ruts and loose corners that were a bit tight.  Hopefully, these things will work themselves out over time.  All in all, I thought it was fun and I'll be back.

Jackfork Trail at Pinnacle Mountain State Park
In the afternoon, Steve and I actually took a kid mountain biking.  We took the 12 year old son of Steve's boss to Burns Park to ride the short track trail and Pfeifer Loop.  He did amazingly well for his first time, riding two loops of the short track and one loop of Pfeiffer.  I think he's hooked.

Armadillo viewing break on Pfeifer Loop at Burns Park in North Little Rock

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