Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mom's handmade note cards

I love getting cards and notes from family and friends in the mail.  When I see that personalized envelope amongst the bills and junk mail, I get so excited.  I'll open it right at the mailbox. 

My friend, Dawn, is great about sending cards just to say hello.  Sure, we talk on the phone and email and Facebook, but the card is special.  Thank you notes from kids are among my favorite ones to receive.  So, I try to send cards to family and friends as often as I can.

Thank yous and other notes
When my grandma was alive, she sent cards on every holiday with details of things happening in her life. She liked to save the free cards she received from organizations like WWF and Oxfam.  I like to pick up cards at places like TJ Maxx.  They're cheap and I have them when I need them.

Even better are the cards my mom makes.  Each one is unique and better than any store bought card.  She sent me home from vacation with some new ones for me to use.  I am loving these!

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