Sunday, September 5, 2010

CX clinic was a success...almost

Steve, with my assistance and the support of Frank and Sarah from the Chainwheel bike shop in Little Rock, held a cyclocross clinic at Burns Park in North Little Rock this morning.

Burns Park, North Little Rock, AR
Sarah, Frank and Steve setting up
We had a great group of folks that showed.  We practiced getting on and off the bike "the right way", suitcasing our bikes over barriers and shouldering our bikes on a run-up.  We also talked about bike setup and general information about CX racing.  Most importantly, we all left knowing that the first French national championship cyclocross race was held in 1902.

Everything went off without a hitch until Steve took a couple participants across the street to scope out a possible race course.  Steve went over the bars in a rutted section of grass.  Now he's looking at a separated shoulder or possibly a broken collar bone.  Either way, he's in a lot of pain and off the bike for a while.

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