Monday, September 13, 2010

Landscaping project part I

The house we live in has a cement patio.  It is surrounded by some patchy, decorative grass in some places and erosion in other places.  I really wanted to fix it up a bit without spending too much money and time.

I saw a link to a container garden made of cement blocks a while back and thought it might help.  I've had good luck so far growing things in raised a raised garden bed at this house, so I decided to edge the patio on two sides with cement blocks and eventually plant some native grasses and other plants that enjoy shade.  I really like Bristle Leaf Sedge - looks like a porcupine.

It takes 9 cement blocks to line one edge of the patio.  At $1.39 each, that was 18 containers for $12.51 +tax.  Not bad.

The first step is to weather them.  Cement blocks are pretty conspicuous on their own, but with a technique from P. Allen Smith's website, they are starting to look a little better.  I used a color called Sandwashed Driftwood.  Basically, it is the color of mud.

Part II: Lining them up and filling them with dirt.


  1. thanks for the idea. I have a concrete patio and it could use some vegetation to improve the aesthetics.

  2. I'm hoping to be able to move the plants if/when we aren't living here anymore. Then, perhaps, it will become a raised garden bed in our new yard. I don't know if it will work, but I didn't put a ton of money into it to begin with.