Friday, September 24, 2010

Local park in the morning

The days are getting shorter.  Fido and I start our walk around 7 AM most days, after I've had coffee.  (I find I'm in much more agreeable after a cup.)  Lately, we have been getting the sun in our eyes as we enter the trail.

On this particular day, we didn't run into other folks.  But since the weather has been cooler, we have met up with old trail chums - David and tiny Walter as well as Budro and his peeps.

Since we were all alone, we could enjoy a much more leisurely stroll. 

On a regular day, I try to get him tired before we run into the other dogs.  That means a good run to the park and a loop or two through the woods at the park.

I think I've finally found the perfect system for carrying water for Fido, poo bags and keys while still being able to hold his leash and run comfortably.  I use a Nathan hand held hydration pack to which  I attach a travel water bowl to the adjustable strap.  A house key and poo bags go in the zippered pocket.  It's a great system in that I don't even have to remove the bowl, just tilt the bottle over and fill it up.

The dog-walker

Morning sky can be so beautiful.

View from the baseball diamond
Random photo from the woods.

Fire hydrant and creepy snake vine

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